Unbox: Don't just think outside the box, unbox it.

TEDxPune is excited to present the theme of the year 2023, "Unbox." You are invited to join this journey of discovery as we unpack new ideas, perspectives, and solutions to some of the most pressing issues facing this world today.

Let’s expand the boundaries of the term ‘unbox’ beyond the act of taking something out of the box, or an act of unpacking it. In a way, one can think of ‘unbox’ as a process of metamorphosis, or probably germination as well. Just like a seed germinates to unbox itself into a tree, a caterpillar which metamorphoses and unboxes itself into a beautiful butterfly, a germination of a simple idea planted in a brain can unbox itself into a game-changing revolution.

At TEDxPune, we believe that the act of unboxing represents a powerful metaphor for the transformative potential of knowledge and insight. When we unbox something, we reveal its true nature and unlock its full potential. One of the most exciting things about the 'Unbox' theme is the sheer range of ideas and topics that it can encompass. From exploring cutting-edge scientific discoveries to uncovering new insights into the human condition, there is no limit to the kinds of intellectual adventures that can be embarked upon under this banner.

This year, we're focusing on how we can apply this theme to a wide range of topics, from technology and innovation to social justice and environmental sustainability. We believe that by unboxing ideas in various aspects of the society, we can find new ways to create positive change and build a brighter future for all.

One way to approach an intellectual event centred around the 'Unbox' theme would be to gather together a diverse range of speakers and presenters, each of whom can offer a unique perspective on some aspect of the topic. One of the key areas we'll be exploring is the intersection of technology and human experience. From artificial intelligence and virtual reality to robotics and biotech, we're seeing incredible advancements in technology that are transforming the way we live and work. But along with technology, we are also keen to explore diversity, equity and inclusion , in all walks of life. As we unbox these technologies, we need to consider their impact on society and the ethical implications of their use. We'll be bringing together experts from across industries, academics, science, humanities, public administration, to share their insights on how we can harness the power of ideas for good.

Another way to approach an 'Unbox' event might be to create an environment that encourages participants to engage in their own unboxing adventures. This could involve setting up interactive exhibits or installations that challenge participants to think outside the box, solve puzzles, or engage with new ideas in creative ways.

Environmental sustainability is another critical issue that we'll be exploring. As we unbox our understanding of the impact of human activity on the environment, we'll be looking at innovative solutions that can help us build a more sustainable future. From renewable energy and circular economies to regenerative agriculture and eco-friendly cities, we'll be showcasing the latest thinking on how we can create a more resilient planet.

Speakers this year


19th Nov, 2022

Thirst for knowledge should NOT stop at the language junction.

This noble thought provoked Hitarth Sheth, a young mind when he was in the 9th class. Young Hitarth developed the 'Gujju Student' app which helped more than five lakh students learn and understand modules in their mother tongue, Gujarati.

Hitarth Seth

Young Changemaker

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